Opera lives through the music of composers and through the lyrics of librettists. Roles are interpreted by new singers every year. Sets and costumes are re-imagined, deconstructed and revived all around the world. But what about performances? How can old performances be revived? New singers will always focus on the role, never on a previous performer, as it is their duty to breath new life into operas written one, two, even four hundred years ago. A lecturer, instead, is entirely devoted to the story he tells. A lecturer uses his knowledge to present a narrative, and uses audio-visual records as evidence. And when there is no evidence, the lecturer becomes the channel for the past to enter the present. The art of the prima donna is a total work of research, a passionate re-enactment through the unity of sound, movement and drama. Created by Matteo Augello, PhD student at London College of Fashion, as part of his ongoing experimentation with performative tools in curation.

The art of the prima donna, V&A, Saturday 11 November 2017, 4pm. 

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