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Objects Unwrapped, Memory of Clothes, Worthing Museum

Objects Unwrapped: Memory of Clothes

Worthing Museum, Saturday 1 June, 1.30-4pm, Free

This Study Day brings together students and staff from the University of Brighton’s Objects Unwrapped research group to reflect on the way that clothes have been used privately and publicly as a means to remember and to forget, to memorialise and to mythologise, to reconstruct histories and to create new imaginative forms.
All welcome – booking essential!
Free event at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery supported by the Centre for Design History, University of Brighton.
Booking and enquiries: 01903 221448 / www.worthingmuseum.co.uk

Poster advertising Objects Unwrapped workshop at Worthing Art Gallery

For more information about the project visit https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/objectsunwrapped/events/

Twitter:  @UnwrapObjects 
Instagram: @UnwrapObjects

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Requiem: Material/Memory

Torn. Moth-eaten. Tarnished. Degraded. Discarded. From the infinite potential of a pair of unworn shoes to a tweed jacket crumbling from years of use, our clothing resonates with memories of our lives. Displaying garments from The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection spanning the last two centuries, Requiem: Material/Memory explores the intimacies and contradictions of memory as embedded in fabric.

Close up of brown woollen clothing unravelling

Requiem: Material/Memory

Presented by curator and archivist, MA Fashion Curation alumni Cyana Madsen with support from The Horse Hospital, Requiem: Material/Memory features works by artist and material culture researcher Ellen Sampson and sound designer and composer Jonah Falco.

The exhibition is at Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury London, WC1N 1JD

Saturday 4 May – Saturday 25 May

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Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture Call for Papers


For more information and to email proposals contact Dr Serena Dyer s.f.dyer@mdx.ac.uk and Dr Bethan Bide B.bide@mdx.ac.uk


Come and Mend, Embroider and Discover your Fashion Stories

As part of their Collaborative Unit, MA Fashion Curation students are hosting a one day workshop that invites you to share stories and memories carried by clothing. You will then learn basic techniques to embroider lines from the stories and memories into your garment.  The workshop takes place at LCF, 10am on 9 May.

The workshop is part of the Fashion Narratives project which will culminate in an exhibition in the Take Courage Gallery on 14-16 June.

For more details and to apply see www.facebook.com/FashionNarratives, or email:  fashionnarrativesual@gmail.com

Fashion Narratives Workshop (2)

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